Build things

A collection of free software products and projects for productivity and the like

Created by Micah Cooper

Taskdown Phoenix, Postgres, Ember
A software project manager that makes development so easy, you’ll hardly notice it’s there.
Mock Machine Rails, Postgres, Sinatra
Rapid Web API protyping and collaboration for developers.
Ocean Candy Rails, Twilio
Receive a text of the tides every day. For free.
Fixt Ember
Budgeting tool for managing and projecting your fixed income and expenses.
The Regular Express Ember, Sinatra
Receive a text of the tides every day. For free.
Ecto Factory Elixir, Ecto
Easily generate structs based on your ecto schemas
Shaman Ruby
Sort the keys of a Hash, and turn the hash into a SHA
Rench Ruby
Command line tool to quickly grab files/tools you often use
Buildybuild Ruby
Rails generators for building a simple, well tested CMS
Foshow Gem Ruby
Presentation Gem for displaying code